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  • BBS Install Tool

    A dual-use tool for fastening/removing the BBS motors to any bike, and for accessing the internals of the motor for servicing.
  • Bicycle Repair Toolkit

    The perfect companion for any rider, never get caught out without this valuable piece of kit.
  • Electric Bike Conversion Toolkit BBS

    The ultimate BBS (bottom bracket system) conversion tool kit system is now available! This new conversion tool kit system takes into account the 3 objectives of a complete toolkit, removing the necessary components from the bicycle, installing the conversion kit components correctly and efficiently and ongoing maintenance. The is the exact tool kit that our staff use in the factory for our local BBS conversions and for special projects. This 'complete' BBS conversion tool kit is strongly recommended for any BBS purchase as it will save you a lot of frustration, time and money.
  • Electric Bike Conversion Toolkit Hub Motor

    Dillenger has been selling hub motor electric bike conversion kits for a very long time and we have now finally compiled the ideal 'complete' conversion tool kit system for hub motor kits (front or rear wheel). We spent a long time considering what is already available on the market and what we believed was missing. What makes the perfect conversion tool kit for these conversion kits? We looked at the conversion tool kit needing to satisfy 3 objectives. Removable of parts from the bicycle to prepare the bike for conversion, installation of the conversion kit components and ongoing maintenance of the conversion kit and bicycle. Our series of complete tool kits are the only kits on the market that fulfill all these objectives so we believe that are the best on the market. Most conversion tool kits will only have the tools necessary to install the components that come with the kit. This can leave customers very frustrated and having to spend more money on additional tools just to start the installation. We strongly recommend purchasing our 'complete' hub motor conversion tool kit system with the purchase of any hub motor kit as it will save you time and money and will also help to protect your investment.
  • Mega Torque Arms

    Laser cut stainless steel Mega Torque arms. Tested up to 6,500W, these will safely transfer large amounts of torque from your rear hub motor along the rear forks.
  • Pannier Bags

    Pannier bags for the Cheetah, Comfort, Explorer, Jaguar and Puma.
  • Tektro Dorado HD-E710 180mm Hydraulic Brake Set

    If you're converting your bike to electric using one of our conversion kits (BBS, Samsung Street, Samsung Off-road or 1,500W) this brake set is a great option if you're concerned about stopping power. The Tektro Dorado E710 hydraulic disk brake set includes front and rear 180mm disks, front and rear complete levers, lines and calipers (already bled and ready to mount) and two adapters. The adapters included with the kit are the D-1 and D-2 adapters, these are I.S. adapters for 180 front and 180 rear, respectively. You can buy the D-5 adapter separately, please contact our staff for more information on that.

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