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Matts 6000W Very Custom Electric Bike

Matts 6000W Very Custom Electric Bike
By Matt 4 years ago

The original High Power Chopper Tragedy

High Powered Electric Chopper

I'm a massive ebike enthusiast and have been for 10 years. I built this high performance cruiser pretty much from the ground up a couple of years ago. Recently due to a stupid mistake made by myself I had a battery fire and unfortunately the bike was mostly destroyed. It was a pretty huge reconstruction job that has taken me months and I simply could not have done it without the help of some friends and associates.

The Mission

The hub motor also had to be replaced. I already had a new stator that would fit in my wheel but the bearings were a different size to my motor covers which had me stumped for a while as I could not source bearings to suit my needs.

The Help

High Powered Electric Chopper - 6000W Rear Wheel

That's where Dillenger came in. They are my local ebike shop being only a couple of km's down the road.

I went for a visit and Sam machined the bearing slots to the right size for me, brilliant! I think the bearings are a better fit now than the factory standard one's were. I also sourced a Cycle Analyst V3 from them. They sell infineon type controllers as well which is pretty handy really.


High Powered Electric Chopper - 6000W Rear Wheel

So thanks to help from Dillenger bikes and a few of my friends I'm back in action !

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