Arc Offroad - 1000W - 560WH Electric Bike Kit

The development of our off road kit has been fun to say the least. Hundreds of hours of testing on trails, both up and back down. By thoroughly testing every aspect of this electric bike kit we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Whether you are after speed, torque, high battery capacity or build quality – everything has been measured and tested. To top it all off, you are no longer required to have a bulky rear rack mounted battery; instead, it is an attractive slim line frame mounted battery – with the option to mount it on the included rear rack

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Reliable Samsung Cells

Lithium Ion Samsung Battery

While developing the Arc high powered conversion kit, we needed to ensure that the 18650 cells were capable of faultless reliability and output. After testing multiple cell manufacturers, we decided on the well known and best performing Samsung cells. On all of our test bikes, after hundreds of pretty brutal testing hours, the Samsung cells are holding strong with no noticable decline in performance.

560Wh Samsung electric bike battery

Range vs. Power

The cell configuration on these 560Wh batteries gives you the perfect mixture between power, range and battery footprint. Cramming 48V of power at 11.6Ah into our beautifully designed frame mounted battery case was a must! Anyone who has owned a 1000W electric bike kit before knows that it is impracticle to expect any decent offroading with a bulky rear rack mounted battery.

High Torque Electric Bike Motor

Arc High Torque Electric Bike Motor

Why else do you want a high power conversion kit? This motor will provide you with plenty of torque to help accelerate you to the top speed, or pull you up a steep hill easily. Coupled with the hand built hub and wheel combination, we are positive the wheel will transmit the torque to the ground without destroying the spokes.

Brains and Looks

This stylish 48V controller is the brains of the operation - without it, you would have no safety features, power or control. Packed with nine STP80NF70 MOSFETs, it is capable of drawing up to 22A from the Samsung battery pack. Not only is it more than capable, it is build robust and looks discrete. The strong cases protects all of the internals from dust and water up to the international standard IP65 rating.

What is included with this electric bike kit

Why do we prefer frame-mounting batteries on a high-powered conversion kit? Because it keeps the center of gravity nice and low, so as not to create a top-heavy electric bike that would lead to a big hit to your agility while tackling downhill trails.

Do you love your brakes? So do we! We know that you do not want to replace your brake levers with some cheap brand that just does not feel the same; so don’t. These little cables don’t seem like much, but they will turn any brake lever into a custom e-brake system in minutes.

Twist or thumb? It is completely your choice. The throttle you use should come down to a matter of preference, not whatever you are stuck with. We have thrown in both types of throttles commonly used. Don’t want to use a throttle or not allowed due to restrictions in your area of the globe? You are not required to install one to use this kit. Instead, you can operate it using pedal assist only.

What can we say? What good is in electric bike conversion kit without a battery charger? Fast charge your battery in four to six hours knowing that your battery is protected against overcharging. Preventing a potentially catastrophic incident. Plug it in, and don’t worry about it.

Additional Info

Additional Info


Designation Off Road Only
Nominal Power 1000W
Peak Power 1,680W
Cruise Speed 25mph
Max Speed 30mph
Max Range 45 miles
Average Range 30 miles
Throttle Type Twist throttle and thumb throttle provided
Pedal Assist Levels Level 1 to 9, level 0 throttle only
Grips Provided
Handlebar Display ARC LCD with thumb pad controls
Wiring type EB-BUS waterproof cable set


Battery Chemistry Lithium Manganese Oxide
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
Charged Battery Voltage 54.6V
Battery Capacity 11.6Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 560WH
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 18560
Cell Spec Samsung INR18650-29E 2,900mAh
Cell Configuration 13S 4P
Built in BMS Yes
Other Features Removable and lockable
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1,000
Battery Charger Type SANS 2A
Battery Charge Time 5 Hours (if charging from flat)


Motor Brand ARC
Motor Model 1,000W
Motor Voltage 48V
Max Motor Power 1,680W
Drive Type Gearless direct drive
Motor Sensors Hall sensor


Controller Brand ARC
Controller Operating Voltage 48V
Controller Max Voltage 54.6V
Controller Operating Amps 22A
Controller Nominal Power Output 1,000W
Controller MOSFET Tubes STP80NF70
Controller Sensors Hall sensor


Total Weight - No Battery 7.0kg (15.4lbs)
Battery Weight 3.0kg (6.6lbs)
Total Weight 10.0kg (22lbs)


Battery Width 90mm (including cradle)
Battery Length 365mm (including cradle)
Battery Height 88mm (including cradle)

Whats in the Box?


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