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Dillenger/Crystalyte 3,600W High Voltage 40mph Conversion Kit

Dillenger has developed the first commercially available 'plug and play' 72V conversion kit now available in limited numbers. We certainly have no shortage of high powered off road kits in our range, however this is an all new level of performance. The patented Dillenger Hardcase houses a high drain, high capacity 72V 12.5Ah (900Wh) battery pack which can be mounted safely to most large size mountain bike hard tail frames (and some dual suspensions frames). The Hardcase system makes it possible to run the right size battery system for this kit, without the dreaded soft bags. The Hardcase battery features the same safeguards, redundancies and warranties as our 36V and 48V packs. This kit has been in development for too long and we're stocked to be able to now offer this kit, the most powerful plug and play conversion kit - in the world.

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Hardcase mounting system

With 100 cells (5P 20S) the pack is big (it needs to be). We like going fast on bikes, but we also like handling performance and the feeling like we're still on a light weight bicycle. The Hardcase was designed by Dillenger specifically for this kit and this battery pack. We didn't believe a loose, soft battery bag was a good option for an electric bike travelling at 40mph off road. We've grown tired of riding our own bikes with a pile or RC lipo bouncing around like a bag of bricks wondering which landing is going to do damage. The Hardcase mounting system combines all the conveniences of the very popular styles of 36V and 48V mounting systems (such as compatibility and practicality) with the huge capacity of high drain cells required for a 72V 90A discharge (3,600W peak). The Hardcase mounts easily to your down tube, with a controller mounting plate and also allows the battery to be removed without taking apart the mounting system.

Traditional limitations

The limitations on performance to date are essentially in 3 main points. Battery drain, battery voltage and battery size. The technology for fast motors and controllers has existed for long enough, it's the battery system that has been the limiting factor. Normal 18650's die prematurely if you regularly draw high currents. A high drain cell such as those used in this battery are designed to be have a 20A draw without dying prematurely. Battery voltage is a limiting factor for both power and speed. You don't really get much more than 50km/h and 2,000W from a 48V system. The only 72V battery packs are either huge bricks, soft bags or RC lipo packs, all of which we wouldn't offer as a conversion kit power pack. Battery size is an issue of practicality. Lipo's are not a safe option for consumer electric bike products. So to mount 100 18650's within a bike frame in a rigid, removable and stealth case was the challenge. The Hardcase achieves this task and keeps the weight of the pack in a location that doesn't destroy the bikes handling performance.


With motorcycle-like power safety is a major consideration. The wheels are professionally built by crystaylte who have the most experience of anyone in the industry when it comes to powerful hub motors. The battery features the same safeties and redundancies as our 36V and 48V batteries. The safety and reliability of 18650's make this option the safest available to us. The battery pack is protected by the Hardcase system which prevents any intrusion or blunt force damage. The Hardcase system mounts the pack and controller securely to the strongest part of the bike. Also key to safety is keeping the motor in the bike. If you've experimented with powerful Mega torque arms

Most powerful kit available, why hub motor?

Unless you're converting a motorbike to electric, there are limitations on what a mid drive system will deliver. Yes, they are one of the best kits available (BBS-HD) and super reliable. But it's still a bicycle. Once you go over 1,600W peak, you're going to break chains like rubber bands. If you're going to change the chain wheel, chain, rear sprocket, hub, wheel, rim, tire, chain stay and drop out clearance - you might as well convert a motorbike. If however you're looking at building a custom, high-powered bicycle, hub motor is the ideal option. Hub motor drive does not involve much of your bike. The major issue with high powered hubs (and any hub motor with torque) is dropout integrity. That's why we developed the 'Mega torque arms' which largely remove the risk of drop out failure.

Additional Info

Additional Info


Assembly Required Yes
Designation High powered conversion kit
Main Use Custom e-bike builds
Peak Power 3,600W
Max Speed 65km/h (40mph)
Max Range Variable
Throttle Type Twist throttle
Handlebar Display CAV3
Max Rider Weight N/A


Battery Chemistry LiMn2O4 Lithium Ion
Nominal Battery Voltage 72V
Charged Battery Voltage 84V
Battery Capacity 12.5Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 900Wh
Battery Removable 900Wh
Battery Cell Type 18650
Cell Spec LG18650HE2 (20A)
Cell Configuration 20S5P
Built in BMS Yes
Other Features Secure, armored Hardcase protection
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1,000 design life
Battery Charger Type 3A Charger
Battery Charge Time 4 hours


Motor Brand Crystalyte
Motor Model TC4065 (138mm dropout clearance)
Motor Voltage 72V 65km/h winding
Max Motor Power Limited to 3,600W by controller
Drive Type Direct drive
Motor Sensors Hall sensor feedback to CA


Controller Brand Crystalyte
Controller Operating Voltage 72V
Controller Operating Amps 90A
Controller Nominal Power Output 3,600W
Controller MOSFET Tubes 4110


Battery Width 87mm
Battery Length 484mm
Battery Height 135mm

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