Electric Bikes

Below you will find a wide variety of electric bicycles, suitable for many riding styles and budgets.  Looking for a low cost entry level ebike? Check out the Leopard.  After something with a little more speed?  Take a look at the Hunter Off Road ebike.

Not sure, shoot us an email - It would be our pleasure to help you pick out your most suitable ride.

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  • Opia 2.0 Series Special

    The Dillenger Opia, powered by an LG battery, is a brand new model we have developed for a very specific riding application. For commuters who want to get to work in a hurry and also need to handle the bike whilst folded away, this is the top of the line in lightweight folding electric bikes. Thanks to advances in battery-integrated frame design, the Opia weighs in at a mere 18kg which is around 6kg lighter than the competition. At such a light weight, you can fold this e-bike down into a manageable size and carry it without breaking your back. In terms of practicality, this is a significant leap forward. The boundary to adopting electric bikes from as recent as last year has been the problem of weight. For those looking for one of the lightest electric bikes on the market backed by an excellent warranty, the Dillenger Opia is a great choice.

    Regular Price: $1,099.00

    Special Price $769.00

  • D5 Commuter

    The Dillenger D5 is our top of the line hub drive commuter electric bike. The perfect interplay of stylish design and performance components makes this a must-have model. The ultra narrow column battery design is incredibly practical and easy to use. This model features front and rear 180mm Tektro hydraulic disk brakes, high discharge 375Wh lithium ion battery, Shimano Deore gear set, Dillenger LCD screen with satellite thumb pad and bullet proof Bafang electrics.


  • Leopard

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    Thanks to the Lithium Ion battery, the Leopard is one of the lightest folding electric bikes in our range. Not to mention one of our favourites in terms of style

  • Carbon Wraith

    Want to tear down the mountain AND back up? Caliber presents this carbon fiber beast! Buckets of torque and a top speed of 50km/h this is the dream bike for any outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Fat Bike

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    The 2016 Dillenger Fat Bike is a street legal all terrain monster. This model features some unique state of the art components from Bafang, Tektro and Samsung. These include the purpose built G06 geared Fat Bike motor which is rated up to 750W, Tektro Dorado 180mm hydraulic disk brakes and Samsung cell battery pack. The G06 is custom engineered for the all terrain fat bike application. This recently released motor dominates competitor fat bikes which utilize 'off the shelf' motors laced into fat bike wheels. If you want a properly engineered Fat Bike that you can use anywhere a normal bicycle is allowed, look no further.


  • Easy Step Over

    The Dillenger Easy series is a brand new in our 2016 product line-up. The concept of the Easy is to combine quality, brand name components with a cleverly designed frame whilst maintaining excellent value. The frame battery conceals high capacity Samsung cells which offer the best quality, reliability and longevity. The battery frame design of the Easy series is one of the most practical system available. The battery case is embedded in the frame which makes it sleek and stylish, but also easy to handle and water resistant. We have developed the Easy together with our industry partners to be a crowd pleaser in all aspects. It’s a great design for commuting, cruising or exploring. The components used in this electric bike will ensure years of electric assisted riding!

  • Easy Step Through

    The Dillenger Easy Step Through is the ‘step through’ equivalent of the Easy Step Over. This makes getting on and off this electric bike more comfortable. Riders of the Easy Step Through are able to lift their leg through the frame, forward of the seat rather than over the top of the rear wheel. This makes getting on and off the bike more comfortable without compromising the structural integrity of the frame. The Easy Step Through is a great electric bike for commuting or leisure riding and is built from high quality components from Samsung, Shimano and Tektro.

  • Upgraded Explorer

    The upgraded Explorer from Dillenger is our most affordable lithium powered folding electric bike in the line-up. This is a new model for 2016 and features an upgraded lithium ion battery, geared high torque hub motor, Shimano 6 speed gear set, variable pedal assist and a sprung saddle. The upgraded Explorer is equipped with folding handlebars and frame to make it super practical. This electric bike arrives at your door with everything you need to get riding and enjoying the power!

    Regular Price: $689.00

    Special Price $499.00

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