Apache 20" - Folding

The 2016 Dillenger Apache is a new breed of folding electric bike. With a concealed Samsung cell battery, dual suspension and Tektro disk brakes, this compact monster removes all comprises that regular folding bikes present. This is a super smooth, super lightweight ride that will make you feel like you’re on a full sized dual suspension bike. With folding handlebars and frame, you can fold this electric bike away into the back of a small car. The compact 20” wheels provide so much torque users will be delighted by the great performance of this street legal folding electric bike.





Samsung Cell Battery

A compact, lightweight battery limits the capacity of the pack if small capacity cells are used. We’ve opted for the energy dense 2,600mWh Samsung 26F cell to ensure that the 374.4Wh battery will provide users up to 60km range from real world use. This battery will recharge in only 5 hours if charged from flat. To get the most out of this type of lithium battery, users should keep the battery topped up after every ride (where convenient).

Ultra Compact

With folding handlebars, frame and pedals, the 20” Apache is one of the most compact designs on the market. Any smaller than 20” wheels and you will feel the every small imperfection in the road. 20” wheels are a good size to be compact and to achieve ideal rolling smoothness. The light weight and compact design of the 20” Apache make it one of the easiest to handle, practical folding electric bikes in the world.

Bafang Technology

Bafang high torque rear hub motors are used quite extensively in our range, and for good reason. The geared Bafang rear hub motors are bullet proof in design and reliability, very smooth and quiet and have better performance and efficiency than any other. The 20” Apache has so much torque that we get asked quiet a lot if we’re sure that it’s street legal!.

High torque

20” Wheels combined with the high torque Bafang geared rear hub motor make for one very high torque bike. Whilst limited in top speed to be legally compliant, the insane pickup of this folding electric bike is really super impressive! If you add a little bit of pedaling to the mix, you might even beat the cars off the line!

Additional Info

Additional Info


Designation Electric Bike
Assembly Required Handlebar alignment, seat and pedals only
Main Use Folding Electric Bike
Nominal Power 250W (350W USA)
Peak Power 540W
Cruise Speed 25km/h (32km/h in USA)
Max Speed 25km/h (AUS, UK and EU) 32km/h (20mph) USA
Max Rider Weight 150kg (330lbs)
Max Range 70km (44 miles)
Average Range 50km (30 miles)
Pedal Assist Levels Level 1 to 9, level 0 no assistance
Grips Lock grips
Handlebar Display Dillenger C965
Headset Neco
Stem Zoom
Saddle Velo Plush
Pedals Wellgo (folding)
Front Fork Zoom
Tyres Kenda 20 x 2.125"
Spokes 13G Stainless steel
Wiring type EB-BUS waterproof cable set
Frame Material 6061 Aluminium


Battery Chemistry LiMn2O4 Lithium Ion
Nominal Battery Voltage 36V
Charged Battery Voltage 42V
Battery Capacity 10.4Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 374.4Wh
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 18650
Cell Spec Samsung 2,600mAh 26F
Cell Configuration 10S 4P
Built in BMS Yes
Other Features Removable & lockable
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1,000
Battery Charger Type SANS 2A
Battery Charge Time 5 hours from empty


Brake Type Tektro Aries cable disk brake 160mm
Brake Levers Tekro EL550-RT and EL550-RS
Brake Callipers Tekro Aries


Transmission Brand Shimano
Transmission Type Shimano Tourney 7 Speed
Shifters Shimano
Deraileur Shimano Tourney
Chain KMC
Rear Sprocket 7S Shimano


Motor Brand Bafang
Motor Voltage 36V
Max Motor Power 540W
Drive Type Geared hub motor
Motor Sensors Hall sensors


Controller Operating Voltage 36V
Controller Operating Amps 15A Max
Controller Nominal Power Output 250W (350W USA)
Controller MOSFET Tubes 6 MOSFET 4110
Controller Sensors Hall Sensor


Total Weight - No Battery 19.2kg (42.3lbs)
Battery Weight 2.3kg (5.1lbs)
Total Weight 21.5kg 47.4lbs)


Length 151cm (59 in)
Width 61cm (24 in)
Height 112cm (44 in)
Frame Size Small to Medium
Wheel Base 102cm (40 in)
Wheel Size 20"
Ground to Max Seat Height 102cm (40 in)
Ground to Lowest Seat Height 83cm (33 in)


Folded Length 90cm (35 in)
Folded Width 43cm (17 in)
Folded Height 70cm (28 in)

Whats in the Box?


Customer Reviews (1)

Apache 26 inReview by Happy Rider
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
This is actually for the 26 inch bike. Its great and its kind of surprising that it is no longer offered on this web page. It is still sold in Australia. When purchasing I would recommend you use paypal. When ordering use fedex and not the shipper which i did as it resulted in some complications because they did not deliver on days I was at home so I had to drive an hour to get it myself. The bike was well packaged, although the shipper did stack stuff on top of the package. However it seemed to have arrived ok. One screw came lose that I had to hunt for in the box. I lost also a little plastic cap on the back wheel nut as it was to lose, but it does not effect the functionality. A small scratch on top of the frame was there, but I guess I will by a reflective decal to cover that up. All in all the bike drives very well and I finally can get over the hills (I have 670ft to climb) without over-exhausting myself. You can get nicely up to 30km/h on straight road but I often just do just 24km/h so i can ride freehand. The reach is sufficient for me and when you put it at most in level 4 it gets you quite a distance (switching of to 0 when you do not need it). I was able to get 22.2 mies with possibly a 6th left in the battery. The folding works actually rather well, but the bike is still big. The handle bars are the usual with and you may need to test it out in your trunk. Naturally you need to fold down your back seat if you put it in the trunk of a passenger car.
I love this as I can put the bike in the trunk and go grocery shopping if i need. I would not leave the battery in a hot car just in case, but its easy to get the battery out.
There is some slight eigen-frequency going on at about 26km/h which does not allow you to ride freehand past that speed (which you should probably not do anyways). The best thing is that it has a great riding position, The angle of the seat is well thought out so that even a person of 6ft feels comfortable and not squished between the seat and the handlebar. I actually tried out a local store with a non foldable bike, but they had it only in L and were not willing to present me with the XL version. As this bike was also $400 cheaper than the local store, I just thought I gamble. I think I won. This was my biggest concern. I equipped the bike with the planet bike fenders which works, but is a tight fit and you must drill a hole at the right place through the fender to secure it with a zipptie so it is not bending into the tire when you sit on the bike and it flexes due to the shock absorber in the back. It works. As half of my way is gravel, this comes in real handy. I am looking forward every day to ride it to work. Also I am glad that the staff worked with me on the payment, but I think it would have been much easier to use paypal rather than a credit card which I did not know before.

(Posted on 9/8/2016)

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