Mid Drive Gear Sensor

Patented and built by Agentura Repro s.r.o. from the Czech Republic, GearSensor is an intelligent gear shift system for derailleur and internally geared hub bicycles using a mid-drive power unit, configured for 8FUN BBS01 and BBS02 conversion kits.

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GearSensor is the undisputed authority on design and development of this device which solves a common issue that all mid-drive (crank drive) electric bike drive systems are prone to. All electric bikes (whether a conversion or a factory production) utilise mostly standard drive train parts. These parts are designed to be used under the torque of a human, not in tandem to a powerful electric motor.

Whilst quality drive train parts are so well engineered that they are more than capable taking the additional continuous mechanical loads and impacts, there are issues for gear shifting. Both derailleur and internally geared hubs will have problems shifting between ratios under full power, especially for motor powers up to 750W (BBS02 750W peaks at over 1,200W).

These problems may be not very noticeable for the 250W units with a high quality derailleur gear set, but over time you will wear the parts from this undesirable shifting. Even though this may not be limiting the way you ride, GearSensor offers a great solution.

Agentura Repro has developed a GearSesnor for derailleur and internally geared transmissions (these are two different products) that senses shifting (up and down) and sends a signal to the BBS drive (usually though the brake cut-off input) that inhibits the power for the perfect amount of time required for a complete shift. The GearSensor works reliably on every shift so you don’t have to think about coming off the throttle or ‘blipping’ the e-brakes.

Use GearSensor with any 8FUN BBS unit conversion kit to get more out of your kit and to look after the gears on your bike. 

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