MAC Upgraded Motor - 8T and 10T

MAC motor is one of the industries original pioneers of high powered outlying BLDC hub motors. They got the formula right a long time ago and have been making fine adjustments over the last decade to improve their design. Available in a variety of windings, the MAC motors are bullet proof fun in a hub motor.



Available in 8T or 10T windings, the MAC motors stocked by Dillenger all feature the upgraded, stronger composite gears to extend the design life of the motor for high powered applications. Both Mac motors are 5:1 reduction ratio.

8 turn standard motor - 320rpm loaded at 36V, 400rpm loaded at 48V.

10 turn torque motor - 250rpm loaded at 36V, 320rpm loaded at 48V.

Example of speed with 26” rim:

  • 8T – 40kph (36v) , 50kph (48v)
  • 10T – 32kph (36v) , 40kph (48v)

Additional information:

  • The Mac motor uses a 32 magnet, 16 pair pole.
  • 3mm upgrades phase wires.
  • Allows both disk brake and 7 speed freewheel.
  • Both our models are 135mm dropout with so will fit a standard rear fork.
  • Rated up to 1,000W (but known to withstand peaks of 3,000W) this motor is available as a hub and can be spoked safely into any when from 16” to 700C.
  • Suitable for use with our Infineon controllers and Cycle Analyst V3 DP.

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Additional Info

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