The Dillenger Switcheroonie is a re-programming tool for your e-bike and kit that allows you to switch between multiple programs that range from class 1, 2 and 3 to high performance, off road only! The Switcheroonie also has a save function to back up your favourite parameters so you can swap between your mode and the other modes available on the Switcheroonie.
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The Dillenger Switcheroonie allows you to re-program your controller between street legal mode (Class 1, 2 and 3)) and a variety of custom mapping programs, specific to your part of the world. 48V systems become switchable between 'street mode' and a multitude of specifically designed programs that allows you to have one e-bike for multiple uses. A save function is also included to save you favourite program settings to switch between.

The Switcheroonie allows you to ride the bike on-road as a conforming ebike. If you need to show any enforcing officers the max power of the bike in this state (to confirm your conformity), the Switcheroonie will display the current state of the e-bike. When you reach your off road location, plug in the Switcheroonie to your display port and select the program you desire.

The Switcheroonie provides a simple solution to the hassles of re-programming BBS kits through the Bafang computer software (glitch-city) and is completely portable!

The Switcheroonie is compatible with:
- Dillenger Hunter HD
- Dillenger Hunter Hub
- Dillenger Hunter BBS02
- Bafang BBS HD1000 kits
- Bafang BBS02 kits

Because 36V systems have limited output (as they typically use max 15A controllers), they are not able to be reprogrammed.

Now you can own 1 e-bike and configure your power settings to any application, whether you're riding to work, hitting the trails, setting land speed records or going for efficiency and extra range.

Generally, 48V battery packs are configured with an overall increase in Watt Hours over their 36v siblings. With the Switcheroonie, you can configure your bike to 250W mode and reap the benefits of a larger capacity battery, heavier duty components and the option to re-program to the unleashed power of a 48V motor!

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