Tektro Dorado HD-E710 180mm Hydraulic Brake Set

If you're converting your bike to electric using one of our conversion kits (BBS, Samsung Street, Samsung Off-road or 1,500W) this brake set is a great option if you're concerned about stopping power. The Tektro Dorado E710 hydraulic disk brake set includes front and rear 180mm disks, front and rear complete levers, lines and calipers (already bled and ready to mount) and two adapters. The adapters included with the kit are the D-1 and D-2 adapters, these are I.S. adapters for 180 front and 180 rear, respectively. You can buy the D-5 adapter separately, please contact our staff for more information on that.
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The ultimate in stopping power. If you're converting your bike to electric and you want the best in hydraulic brakes, this is the pinnacle. Not just regular hydraulic brakes, the HD-E710 are manufactured with e-brake cut off functionality. Compatible with BBS01, BBS02 and BBS-HD, and now our Samsung Street, Samsung Off-road and 1,500W hub motor conversion kits.

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