How do I know if an electric bike kit will fit my bike?

There are many different types of bikes on the market, this makes it difficult sometimes to work out if one of our electric bike kits will be a good fit or not. We hope that this will help you with the major points to look out for, making it an easy choice.

We have designed our kits to fit as broad a range of bikes as possible, and by checking a couple of measurements, you can be positive of a good fit.

First, the axle slot width. These are standard with the majority of bikes coming with a 10mm width. This is where the motor axle will fit in; if your bike measures up at approximately 10mm then you are ok for this measurement.

Next is the dropout width.

This requirement will differ based on whether you opt for a front or rear motor. First the front motor. The width of the dropout should be approximately 100mm, if it is out by +/- 5mm that is ok.

For a rear motor, you will need 135mm width between dropouts, +/- 5mm.