Our extensive quality control means that our products are thoroughly tested and ultra-reliable by industry standards.

All products are warranted to work as described on arrival and for the warranty period. If there is a warranty/returns claim it will be assessed by DILLENGER and repaired under warranty. Dillenger products can only be assessed by Dillenger. Dillenger is not liable for any unauthorized repairs to or inspections of our products. If your Dillenger product has an issue it you must notify Dillenger and inform us of the problem, we will then arrange to assess the product.

Under the consumer guarantee customers are entitled to a refund if the product has a major fault. This can only be assessed by Dillenger. Once the product has been returned, if there is a minor fault that is easily repaired, it will be repaired in a timely fashion and the product will be sent back to the customer at Dillenger’s cost. If there is a major fault with the product we will arrange a refund immediately.


Order cancellation

Orders and pre orders cannot normally be cancelled for change of mind. If the order has already been entered into the shipping manifest for dispatch it cannot be cancelled. If the order cancel request can be processed prior to routine dispatch procedures then a full store credit can be issued for the same amount as the order with no additional costs to the customer. If the customer prefers a cash refund there will be a 10% cancellation fee to cover the costs of admin and processing of the refund. There are no exceptions.


Why don’t we offer free returns?

We do not accept returns for change of mind. In our line or products, unless the item is majorly damaged or defective upon arrival, we’re not able to offer returns for a refund because there is a moderate risk of damage in transit once the goods have been taken out of the carton by the customer.

We accept a certain level of a risk each time we ship out one of our electric vehicle products and unfortunately the courier accepts nil responsibility. If something is damaged in return freight, essentially we may have cost ourselves the value of the write-off if someone has simply changed there mind, or didn’t read the item description before purchase.

Do you offer a free trial?

For companies that offer free 30-day returns are alike, what do you imagine happens to those products that are returned? Does the company also offer demo stock for a discounted price? If another shop of brand offering free returns and are not offering demo stock for sale, do you care to guess what happens to those used returns?

When you buy a Dillenger product, you’re buying a 100% new, unused product.

In special instances where Dillenger has authorized the return for a product for fault inspection, Dillenger will book the pickup order with our courier. After booking the courier, Dillenger is not responsible for breakdowns in service of the courier, due to any reason. Some of these reasons arise then the customer is not home and the courier refuses to pick the item up. Most couriers have to abide by there own internal safe practices act by not taking responsibility for a parcel unless the correct paper work has been signed on pickup by the customer. Dillenger will go to all reasonable lengths to ensure a smooth, problem free pickup but as we are not the courier, we cannot always guarantee timing will work within a customer’s schedule. Once the item is picked up the customer must, under all circumstances, retain a copy of the consignment note, otherwise neither the courier nor Dillenger is responsible for the safe delivery back to Dillenger service center. The customer agrees that when shipping an item back to Dillenger, whether by their own means or by courier, Dillenger is not held responsible for any damage in return freight back to Dillenger, or after repair when forwarded back to the customer. By returning the item to Dillenger the customer agrees to the above.